The Roland Auto-Arranger you’ve been waiting for!!!

The new Roland BK-7m Backing Module - It’s SuperNATURAL®                                

Roland BK-7M in stock for immediate shipping now!
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Optional Roland FC-7 Pedal
Optional Roland FC-7 Pedal

The Roland Auto-Arranger you’ve been waiting for!

Limited Quantities In Stock Now!

Roland BK-7M in stock for immediate shipping now!

Roland BK-7M Auto-Arranger

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Don’t risk disappointment due to a setup that is not optimized for your particular accordion or due to incorrect equalization or instrument sound volumes when played through your amplifier.  V-Accordions require much different initial settings than do conventional MIDI accordions for optimal performance.  The built-in Wizard will only map your midi channels but has nothing to do with any other MIDI settings that should be checked before playing the BK-7m. 

Let MMUSA ship your purchase so it provides the BEST performance out of the box – avoiding frustration or getting the wrong impression about the unit.  You will absolutely LOVE a Roland BK-7m that is purchased from Music Magic USA.

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400+ Styles, 1000+ sounds, Auto-MIDI setup, MP3 player & audio recorder! 

America’s first and foremost V-Accordion experts – Music Magic USA, LLC  is pleased to announce the new BK-7m, a portable backing module that can automatically configure to a V-Accordion’s MIDI channels with hundreds of accompaniment styles, high quality sounds, and an easy-to-use interface with fewer panel buttons than any other product of its kind. 

Also designed for easy hook-up to keyboards, digital pianos and most any brand of digital/MIDI accordion.  The BK-7m is the perfect “backup band” companion for any entertainer.  With its acoustic .wav file recording and audio/video multimedia capabilities, the BK-7m makes any musician – MIDI, acoustic, or vocalist – a complete entertainment venue with backing, accompaniment, and DJ capabilities that make the BK-7m unmatched in sound quality, portability, value, and (very importantly) ease of use!

For a limited time, MMUSA is providing its BK-7m customers with a Free USB Memory Stick loaded with BK-7m product information, useful hints and plenty of storage to allow creative use of the BK-7m with any V-Accordion.

 Why should you purchase from Music Magic USA?  No other dealer offers such friendly and knowledgeable lifetime toll-free customer technical support, extended warranties, and lessons on the use of your new BK-7m or V-Accordion – whether in our showroom or via web or phone. 

We’ve been playing and selling V-Accordions every day for the past 8 years – since Day 1.   

MMUSA - “We’re not Better because we’re First - we’re First because we’re Better!” 

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