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Welcome to Music Magic USA’s In-Stock Specials.  Here you will find a variety of quality accordions (all are brand new unless otherwise indicated) that we have available in most cases ready for immediate delivery by FedEx to your doorstep.  All new accordion purchases include our “best in the business” 7-day Satisfaction Guarantee or you may return your purchase for refund or exchange. Contact Music Magic USA for details.
For the highest quality certified 100% all-Italian hand made accordions, many of which have custom MMUSA specified bass and/or treble factory tuning for enhanced overall tonal quality, factory upgraded reeds, factory Sennheiser microphones, additional body ornamentation or carrying case upgrades - rather than simply “base” versions of the “same models” as are often carried by other dealers simply for the purpose of being able to quote an initially lower price, contact Music Magic USA for an honest value on a professional or semi-professional accordion that has been equipped to maximize its playing quality rather than to minimize its cost of manufacture.
If we cannot provide the best deal on an equivalently equipped accordion, then it is not the same accordion – and the difference may not be evident until it is too late!
All of the listed items in this category are priced for both a quick sale and delivery.  Many items are one of a kind and, as such, a few may be sold out before we have an opportunity to update the listing.  We may also have additional accordions newly available that have not yet been posted to the site so we invite you to contact us via phone or e-mail in case you do not see exactly what you are looking for.



G.Verde – Super Street Magic 3D w/Amplisound

G.Verde – Super Street Magic 3D w/Amplisound™ 4/5 41/120

The world’s most amazing accordion with Verde’s patented Amplisound™ sound wave technology. Triple Tone Chambered design by G.Verde with 17 Treble tonalities – inimitable sound and power.  Genuine Artigiana Voci Hand Made Reeds.  Exclusive “3D” grille (design has elements in relief).        12+M/7regs. Available Tunings: LMMM Musette, LMMH Concert or Jazz, LLMM Double Bassoon. 27lb

In stock with LMMM Musette List $14,775

G.Verde – Super Street Show w/Amplisound

G.Verde – Super Street Show w/Amplisound™ 4/5 41/120

Super Street premium line model with a Show Series visual package. Hand Painted airbrush décor.  Verde commissioned 120th Anniversary grille by sculptor & stained glass artist Michele Privileggi.  Artigiana Voci HMR.12+M/7regs. Fully “Street” equipped – Senn. Mics, deluxe case, Amplisound™ 27lb

In stock with LMMM Musette List $14,775

G.Verde – Super Street Show w/Amplisound

G.Verde – Super Street Classic w/Amplisound™ 4/5 41/120

 Super Street premium - specially equipped for additional weight savings. Hand Painted wood-look.     Ivory tone keyboards, Artigiana Voci HMR.  10/4regs.  Senn. Mics, deluxe case, Amplisound™  25.5lb If by now you haven’t heard of G.Verde Accordions, where have you been for the past 120+ years?!

In stock with LMMM Musette List  $13,325

G.Verde – Giga IV Touring

G.Verde – Giga IV Touring 4/4 34/72

Verde’s lightest 4 treble reed pro model – compact, lightweight with 4 different treble Musette vibratos.  A big sound in a small package. 14 Treble/ 4 Bass regs. Pearl keys and rhinestoned brand lettering. Excellent bellows air usage and response.  Quiet full size keys.  Perfect model for young & old.  18.5lb

In stock with LMMM Musette  List $4,995

Pietro – Primo d’Oro

Pietro – Primo d’Oro 4/5 41/120

Pietro’s Italian flagship.  A MMUSA exclusive! 11+M/7 regs.  Voci Armoniche HM Reeds with Pietro’s signature low G bass, moderate Musette tuning with all possible vibrato combinations, reed cancels and body/grille ornamentation.  Extra grille cutouts for porting power of the double tone chamber. 26lb

In stock with LMMM Musette  List $11,995

Pietro – Mondiale (Reedless)

Pietro – Mondiale (Reedless) 0/0 41/120

Only from MMUSA, the Mondiale Reedless is the world’s most affordable full size Reedless accordion.  With hundreds of sounds, user selectable from various categories, save to one touch presets.  MIDI. Bellows controllability. Easy to learn and play. The accordion and electronics are made in Italy. 17lb

In stock – call for special price List  $3995

Ottavianelli – Artist Special Legno

Ottavianelli – Artist Special Legno 4/5 41/120

Ottavianelli’s top model!  If you like the class and beauty of genuine mahogany, with hand cut wooden grille, registers and sharps/flats, then the Ottavianelli Artist Special Legno (Wood Series) has it all.  Custom low G bass, tonal excellence of Voci Armoniche oversized HM Reeds, Senn. Mics, and double cassotto. Fast, shallow, light Golden Touch™ ivory keyboard jointly designed w/ MMUSA. 26lb

In stock with LMMM Musette  List $13,995

Ottavianelli – Super Concerto

Ottavianelli – Super Concerto 5/5 41/120

Unique 5/5 reed premium model with an incredible 19 different treble registers.  Available in Concert or Musette type tuning with LMMMH reed configuration with rare Sabbatini HM Reeds and double tone chamber for Bassoon and Piccolo. Senn. Mics. Exclusive two-tone airbrushed painted finish.  30lb

In stock – available in your choice of tunings List $12,995

Ottavianelli – Artist Special Super Jazz / Balkan “Sila” (SE)

Ottavianelli – Artist Special Super Jazz / Balkan “Sila” (SE) 4/5 41/120

 Our exclusive. Slimmer, lighter dbl. tone chamber model.  Features MMUSA/Ottavianelli Golden Touch™ keyboard – light, shallow and quick key travel, Swarovski crystals adorn the front lip of each ivory-tone key.  Voci Armoniche HM Reeds w/ low G bass tuning, Senn. Mics., gold accents.  26lb

In stock with LMMH tuning  List $11,995

Ottavianelli – Angle (MIDI model in-stock)

Ottavianelli – Angle (MIDI model in-stock) 4/5 41/120

 Premium non-chambered full size model.  Joint MMUSA/Ottavianelli design.  Voci Armoniche HM Reeds.  Ergonomically enhanced to reduce treble wrist and shoulder fatigue and for easier reach of the bass section and playability of the bellows.  Light touch keyboard. 11+M/7 regs, w/ reed cancels. Totter Midi “Zabava” system with 100 preset programs featuring Ketron sounds. Senn. Mics. 26.5lb

In stock with LMMM Musette and MIDI List $9,995

Scandalli – Polifonico XIV+

Scandalli – Polifonico XIV+ 4/5 41/120

Premium non-chambered full size model.  Hand Made Reeds.  Senn. Mics. Quick and shallow keyboard.  11+M/9 regs. w/ reed cancels.  Pearl keys with clear crystal grille ornamentation.  25.5lb

In stock with LMMM Musette  List $8,250

Alessandrini – Pro 5

Alessandrini – Pro 5 4/5 37/96

The Pro 5 is a mid-size model with 4 treble sets of Hand Finished Reeds, wooden valves and bass plate for maximum resonance and tonal richness.  9/3 regs. The keys are stroller sized (sub-full size), Senn. Mics. The finish is a rich blue pearl with grille and brand name ornamentation.  21lb

In stock with LMMM Folk Musette List $6,995

Brandoni – Mod.184 5-row C-System Chromatic

Brandoni – Mod.184 5-row C-System Chromatic 4/5 67(37)/96

 The most playable, lightest weight 5 row professional C-System chromatic accordion – closeout!  Mid-size model weighs just 20lb.  Authentic Musette tuning with specially selected Hand Finished reeds with excellent projection.  Senn. Mics.  Our best selling chromatic model.  11/3 regs. 20lb

 In stock with LMMM Musette List $6,875

Orchestrina (Fantini)

Orchestrina (Fantini) 3/4  37/96  (3-yr. demo unit – like new)

Excellent value in a like new demo mid-size 37/96 accordion.  Folk tuning with LMM reed configuration and a moderately strong Musette-like sound.  Keyboard and bellows action is very responsive and keys do not have a springy feel.  Dural reeds. 7/3 regs. Rich red pearl finish with white keys (photo reproduction is very close to exact shade.).   21lb

In stock with LMM Folk List $2,795

Moreschi -  Pro Series Mod. 319/4  

Moreschi -  Pro Series Mod. 319/4 4/5 37/96

Beautifully ornamented mid-size model with 4/5 sets of Voci Armoniche hand finished reeds  and Senn. Mics.  Stroller size keys (sub-full size), sweet Musette tuned, low air usage bellows ,  Quick, shallow and light touch keyboard.  Excellent quality. Deluxe embroidered hard case.  22lb

In stock with LMMM Musette List $6,995

In-Stock Special on Red FR-8x’s – save hundreds more $$    

In-Stock Special on Red FR-8x’s – save hundreds more $$  
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