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Giovanni Verde Accordions
Generations of Fine Italian Accordions - since 1893

Giovanni Verde
Early 20th century
G.Verde Accordions
Founded 19th century

One of 2 museums in all of Italy - 21st century

G.Verde's Maurizio Camoletto
Owner, Performer, Promoter

G.Verde Music Center - one of Italy's largest


Music Magic Accordions USA is America’s original and exclusive authorized importer of G.Verde’s super premium and newest line of Super Street Series of tone chambered, painted accordions.  The patented internal sound geometry and construction provides a sound capability which simply can’t be duplicated by any other type of tone chambered (cassotto) models from any other manufacturer.

Tri-chambered models feature a large wooden chamber located within the bellows area which, when activated by the musician, provides additional power, a unique tone and a spatial dimensional sound which has to be heard to be believed.  Some of our customers ask us if there are any electronics involved in the generation of this unique sound – but it is truly a completely acoustic effect – one that gives the 4 reed models the equivalent of 17 different tonally different sounds.

The Verde Amplisound models are able to exceed 100 decibels of sound pressure and are among the most powerful yet tonally rich accordions on the market today!

 Virtually EVERYTHING about these accordions from G.Verde’s exclusive new grouping of 120th Anniversary models (developed as a tribute to G.Verde’s 120th anniversary celebrated  in 2013) is of the highest quality. The keyboards have a luxury feel, not springy, with a quiet, dampened quick and somewhat shallower action.  G.Verde has commissioned a series of unique artisan crafted grille designs for their 120th Anniversary milestone.  Featuring the unique, beautiful and creative mindset that is part of every G.Verde accordion, these grilles are hand designed, decorated with a special multi-color technique - each one created by Leini, Italy's  acclaimed sculptor and stained glass artist Michele Privileggi. These new grille designs promote a new visual and emotional expression that can be customized to the customer’s wishes and, together with the instruments' tonal beauty provides a complete experience for the senses - for both the performer as well as the audience.  The 120th Anniversary Series of models include dozens of Verde models - both chambered and standard lighter weight models of all sizes.

 As for the flagship tri-chambered Amplisound tri-chambered models (G.Verde shares the patent as the senior partner for this technology), they are available with 3 or 4 treble sets of pro grade Hand Made reeds – in Musette, Piccolo and Double Bassoon reed configurations in 41/120 or 37/96 sizes. Italy’s G.Verde is one of the few remaining examples of truly superior Italian craftsmanship, playability and  tonal quality which immediately identifies these as extraordinary musical instruments.

 Please contact Music Magic Accordions USA to learn more about why we are absolutely sure that your expectations will be exceeded when you put your hands around a G. Verde accordion - 100% Made in Italy. 


 Giovanni Verde Accordions

“If you have never heard one, where have you been for the past 113 years?!”


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