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Finally, an authentic new professional
Polka Accordion !

Innovative designed - inside and out! The best of the old and the new.
We came up with the idea to create a contemporary Polka Accordion.  We combined a timeless blend of innovative features with the classic Polka Sound made famous by Yankovic, Miskulin, Ostanek and others.  Consulting with the most respected polka tuner of the stars, along with the technical design expertise of
Alessandrini of Castelfidardo, Italy, Music Magic USA has created the most eye and ear catching accordion in recent history.  Polka Magic uses only premium components and boasts capabilities not found on any other accordion!

  • First true Polka design in years
  • Cleveland Style or Musette Tuning
  • 4/5 sets-Genuine Hand Made Reeds
  • Newly Designed Polka Style Hi-Lo Bar
  • Ultra-Fast "Short Travel" Keyboard
  • Exclusive Body Ornamentation
  • Timeless Eagle & Harp Grille
  • Classic Butterfly Bellows
  • Pearl Keys - both Black & White
  • Ultra Lux Straps & Case w/wheels
  • Other Custom Tunings by Request
  • Wireless Ready for MIDI & Mikes

Limited Time Introductory Pricing!

Polka-Magic-Jr-CropS.jpg (30107 bytes)
ALESSANDRINI – Polka Magic Jr.

Music Magic USA / Accordions USA proudly introduces yet another EXCLUSIVE, unique model targeted to the professional as well as serious polka enthusiast. The Polka Magic Jr. was designed to capture the exact same sound quality, true Cleveland-style polka tuning, and all of the features of its much acclaimed big brother – the Polka Magic – which is now used by numerous accordion entertainers as well as Grammy award winning polka bands around the country. The best way to describe the playability of this reduced size 37/96 model boasting 4/5 sets of true Antonelli Hand Made Reeds is as follows:

A light touch, buttery quick keyboard

Thunderous bass sound with low G tuning and wooden bass resonance plate

A rich, powerful and biting sound – genuinely Cleveland Style tuning as prescribed by one of Cleveland’s leading polka accordion experts.

There is NOTHING else like the Polka Magic Jr . Lighter weight than the original Polka Magic and more affordable with no sacrifice in sound or construction quality. Let us demo one for you today – EXCLUSIVELY at Music Magic USA / Accordions USA.

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