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Introducing by Suoni

The Next Generation of MIDI Has Arrived at Music Magic
Now available on select accordion brands as well as the new Ciao Reedless

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Music Magic USA/ Accordions USA is happy to present the next generation in reedless accordions. Easier use, more and better quality sampled sounds, and more affordable than ever before. We have played the CIAO give it the highest rating to date!

The new CIAO Version 2.0 features:

  • 400 preset sounds – all accessible by directly inputting a single number from 0 to 399 (no bank # and no Program Change # to worry about). This allows true tonal changing on the fly while you are performing.
  • Accordion samples are smoother across the keyboard and are more realistic – especially the Master registers.
  • Unique preset split sounds give you ½ a keyboard of one sound with ½ a keyboard of a totally different sound.
  • Pre-layered sounds are offered for additional sound complexity and fullness.
  • Percussive effects available on the bass sounds for drum-like realism.
  • New, improved Upright, Electric and Synth bass sounds.
  • Amazing strumming mandolins – with or w/o strings!
  • Responsive treble keyboard – natural bass feel.
  • Headphone jack for private practice or direct recording.
  • NEW! Now with twice as many global preset memories as before (24 of them) to allow instant ONE-TOUCH access to your favorite sound combinations.
  • NEW! Now you can assign the right hand and left hand sounds to separate outputs.
  • Whether as a fully Reedless Model or as part of a complete easy to use state of the art midi setup for a new acoustic accordion, the new Ciao midi system with 400 sounds will prove to be an absolute joy to play – you won’t be able to put it down!

Orders, info and demo video – please call us at (888) 887-0975.

Question: How can I get a CIAO?

Answer:Only by purchasing a new CIAO lightweight REEDLESS Accordion, the easy to use, digital sound-filled REEDLESS accordion which Music Magic USA has made the most affordable REEDLESS accordion we have ever offered - or by purchasing select CIAO equipped acoustic accordions – all Italian Made Quality. Contact Music Magic Accordions USA for all the exciting details, availability, and the latest pricing. YOU’LL BE AMAZED!

Playing and affording the state of the art is now as easy as saying "CIAO"!

C-system Reedless Chromatic  by sem


 For the first time ever, Music Magic Accordions USA has stock on the newest of the highly acclaimed Ciao Reedless Accordion Series: The Ciao “Compact Chromatic” version 2  - a SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT Italian made reedless accordion with the world’s finest all-inclusive and user friendly Ciao midi system with 400 instantly accessible preset sound programs!

 Now in stock for quick delivery in a reedless configuration:

  • C-System Chromatic

  • All wooden shell in a painted paillette (sparkle) black finish

  • The lightest weight Ciao ever built – only ~12lbs light!!

  • French style chrome grille

  • Capped type pearled bass buttons with pearled treble 2-color keyboard arrangement

  • Lightning fast and quiet mechanism on both sides

  • Compact 4 row – perfect for all night standup playing as well as  carry-on airline sized

  • Ciao MIDI system - Complete with transpose, octave & tuning change, MIDI channel auto or manual assignment, complex MIDI chord transmission feature, compatible with all MIDI auto-arranger modules, and exclusive DUAL discrete channel outputs – for separation of right vs. left hand output.

  • 400 internal solo, pre-layered, and split keyboard sound presets recalled by button touch! No sound bank selection, no “Enter” buttons to press – the world’s quickest method of sound selection and global 1-Touch preset storage.

  • Volume controlled via bellows or opt. volume pedal.

  • “Certified” effortless bellows shake ability!

  • High Quality sampled sound engine – strumming mandolins, lush strings, rich octave pianos, even manual percussive sounds layered with bass sound to allow your fingers to act like drumsticks while playing bass and chord lines simultaneously!  (One of the Ciao’s most popular features!)

  • Complete with case

  • Wireless MIDI option – user upgradeable at any time

  • New!  Special Purchase – Just $4,395.00 with our exclusive No-Risk Music Magic USA Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Music Magic Accordions USA is a factory authorized Ciao Sales, Service and Tech Support center.

Call Music Magic Accordions USA toll-free at (888) 887-0975 to purchase your new C-System Chromatic Ciao Reedless while they last. 

Ask about our “Play Before You Pay™” Music Money Card.

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