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The Legendary SCANDALLI Super VI

SCANDALLI is, without a doubt, is one of the most widely recognized, highly rated and finest accordions ever manufactured in Camerano (and subsequently, in Castelfidardo) Italy.  Today, the responsibility of passing on the legacy of SCANDALLI lies in the capable and experienced hands of one of the top 3 major accordion manufacturers – Suoni, s.r.l. (formerly known as Menghini, s.r.l.).  As an authorized importer and distributor for SCANDALLI, Music Magic USA has chosen to represent what is probably the  most customer service oriented accordion factory in Italy.  We know that Suoni & SCANDALLI will respond to our inquiries and help us help our customers almost as quickly as if they were located here in the USA.  This, along with the quality of their accordions has made Suoni our choice for one of the top accordions made – the SCANDALLI  Super VI (pictured above), as well as the top lightweight reedless model – the popular Ciao reedless.

 Today, SCANDALLI accordions are built by specialists who have learned and retain the techniques and “secrets” that have made SCANDALLI one of the most recognized names in the accordion industry.  SCANDALLI keyboards are noticeably easier to play, with less effort and high speed response.  SCANDALLI full sized models (with or without tone chamber) are virtually the only remaining line equipped with a unique double tiered 9 register bass tonal variety.  Several 5 treble reed models are offered with SCANDALLI’s exclusive 5th reed register, allowing the performer to instantly add an additional reed to any of the traditional registrations found on a typical 4 treble reed accordion – transforming the accordion from a Continental/Jazz tuned instrument to a 5 reed true Musette tuned accordion. There are SCANDALLI models that still use the same techniques, forms, and design characteristics preserved and practiced in the early 1900’s in their Camerano and Castelfidardo factories.  We challenge you to find another accordion with a richer and deeper bass sound  than the SCANDALLI Super VI.  We see by the unique design of the bass reed blocks the reason for this capability.  Reed selection is another choice made on a model by model basis to provide the best sound capability for each respective SCANDALLI model.  The use of costly BINCI Professional reeds on the flagship model is testimony to the commitment SCANDALLI  has to “Quality without Compromise”.  This commitment is part of every SCANDALLI accordion made today.  We invite your inquiries and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate why SCANDALLI remains “The Connoisseur’s Choice”.

The SCANDALLI Polifonico IX 37/96

Mid-Sized, lightest weight 4/5 reed Scandalli made!

Pro Quality Begins Here! (Shown w/Optional Decorations & Ciao MIDI)

 SCANDALLI Polifonico IX Features:

  • Mid-size 37/96 model – fits virtually all players who are looking for a more compact or lighter musical solution without sacrificing keyboard comfort or tonal variety
  • Feels very easy to handle at just 21.5-22.5 lbs (depending on accessories) – That’s at least 3.5 lbs lighter than most 41/120 standard models.
  • 4/5 sets of hand finished reeds – tuned true Musette (LMMM)
  • 11/3 registers
  • Wooden keyboard foundation, bass plate, and valve hammer construction for traditional quality and improved resonance.
  • Available with the amazing Ciao 400 sound MIDI system and microphones!

NEW! The SCANDALLI Polifonico XIVs

Incredible quality, design and playability of a Super VI

Scandalli’s decision to resurrect a Polifonico in an authentic “classic Scandalli” design has been long awaited.  The result is FABULOUS!

 SCANDALLI Polifonico XIVs Features:

  • The new Polifonico XIVs boasts many of the same design features of the legendary Super VI.  In fact, visually, the appearance is virtually identical!
  • We visited the Scandalli factory recently and previewed this model before its introduction.  We immediately put in an order for this model as it had a perfect feel and power that is rarely found today in any other such model.
  • 4/5 sets of Hand Made Reeds – Continental tuned similar to the Super VI. 
  • 11/9 + M registers – using the same oversized register switch design as used on the Super VI and classic Scandalli models.
  • Extensive and greater use of mahogany and other hardwoods, for optimum resonance, tonal flavor and acoustic reflection.
  • Attention to detail which noticeably sets the Polifonico XIVs apart from most other 4/5 reed 41/120 models.
  • Wooden keyboard foundation, bass plate, and valve hammer construction with a Super keyboard – lighter touch and shallower than usual means less fatigue and the ability to traverse the keyboard with increased speed.
  • Also available with the amazing Ciao Version 2  400-sound MIDI system and microphones!
  • Previously only available on the Super VI, the classic design has been completely bestowed upon the Polifonico XIVs – right down to the timeless use of ivory-look treble keys and bass buttons.
  • If you are looking for an accordion that plays like a dream, the new SCANDALLI Polifonico XIVs is just such an accordion.  Currently offered to you with at a special introductory price and with Music Magic USA’s exclusive “Play Now & Pay Later” plan, your dream CAN turn into reality!


The accordion virtually ANYONE can handle!

Lightest weight 41/120 model – just 20.5 lbs!

 SCANDALLI Sono-Lite Features:

  • Stroller size 41/120 model – fits virtually all players: adults, seniors, ladies, gentlemen, short and tall, standing or seated.
  • Feels light as a feather @ only a touch over 20 lbs – That’s at least 5 lbs lighter than most other 41/120 standard models.
  • 3/4 sets of deluxe reeds – tuned to your liking, including LMH (concert) or LMM+ (Musette-like).
  • 7/2 registers
  • Wooden keyboard foundation, bass plate, and valve hammer construction for traditional quality and improved resonance.
  • Available with the amazing Ciao 400 sound MIDI system and microphones!
  • An alternative to a reedless accordion – with more dynamics control, accentuation and expressivity than can be realized from any purely reedless model.

Contact Music Magic USA for more information on these and the rest of the professional SCANDALLI Accordion line.

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