Paolo Soprani
The Name that Started it All!

 Presenting The Super Paolo IF!

Amazing Beauty, Traditional Soprani Construction, as Rare and Special as its Namesake! 

Paolo Soprani – Super King Edition

We challenge you to find an accordion like this! 

Music Magic USA is proud to represent the finest manufacturers in the accordion industry.  There is no name that carries more heritage than Paolo Soprani.  Original reed molds, model references and construction techniques have been preserved so as to insure that when you purchase a new Paolo Soprani today, you are purchasing an authentic descendent of the original accordion line, not just the Paolo Soprani name. 

The Super Paolo IF is an excellent example of the quality and preserved design of today’s Paolo Soprani.  Here are some of this model’s custom features which are virtually impossible to find on any other accordion made today: 

Super Paolo IF FEATURES: 


Full sized professional 41/120 model


Unique, weight saving 3 treble/ 4 bass reed set configuration


Hand Made Reeds


Reeds mounted with nails over LEATHER (NO wax) in the labor intensive and traditional method of reed mounting – now nearly extinct.


TONE CHAMBER ( Cassotto) for the bassoon and clarinet reeds for a professional, fuller dimensional sound


Musette-like folk tuning with a beautiful vibrato capability – together with a rich, deep bassoon.


Special SUPER KING grille, bellows and body ornamentation. 


Top Professional Quality – available with mics and midi

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Paolo Soprani – Professionale III

  • Full sized professional quality with the classic Paolo Soprani sound.
  • 4 Treble / 5 Bass sets of special Paolo Soprani Musette reeds.
  • Shown in the special Super King Ornamentation package.  Also available in standard P. Soprani grille design.
  • Professional wooden keyboard foundation and excellent feel and playability.  Wooden bass plate for improved tonal resonance.
  • Amazingly responsive playability and comfortable feel – just ~24 lbs.
  • Available with optional, simple to use, 400 sound Ciao MIDI system.

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